Sterling Duncan was a starting quarterback. He had a full ride to college. He was big, he was strong, and his sights were set on making it to the big show one day. But a career-ending injury in his freshman year changed all of that. After leaving school, Duncan returned home depressed, defeated, and turned to food for comfort.

In this week's Transformation Tuesday video interview, Duncan shares the details of his downward spiral, his wake up call, the comeback battle plan, and his newfound aspiration to leave a mark in other's lives through fitness.


At first, Duncan started where he felt most comfortable by taking what he knew from working out as a football player and coupled it with a mix of at-home high-intensity circuits. He even then began to pick up long-distance running—pounding the pavement for five, 10, 15, or even 20-plus miles on a whim. Progressively, Duncan started to drop weight each week, ultimately down 130 pounds after 11 months. As far as his eating habits: sweets, snacks, and processed foods were replaced with a clean, high-protein, moderate carbohydrate diet.


While Duncan was happy with his massive weight loss, he started to feel "too skinny" at one point. That's when he started putting in the weight-room work to bring back all that muscle mass he once had. Currently, Duncan follows a three week plan and is in the gym seven days per week:

  • Week one consists of four lifting days and three cardio days.
  • Week two is five lifting days and two cardio days.
  • Week three has three lifting days, and four cardio days.

Two more important notes:

* Low-intensity incline walks are included for 20-30 minutes in each lifting workout.

** Cardio days are in the morning on an empty stomach, aka "fasted state."

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