Whether you’re newly single, trying to score with the office hottie, or just want to keep the fire burning in your current relationship, your appearance and hygiene matter. Just like you want your girl to keep herself looking fit and fresh, the ladies want you to pay a bit of attention to your look, too. (Yes, even if you are naturally handsome!) Because even if we’re really into you, there are certain things about a dude’s body that will turn us off.

Since every woman has different pet peeves and preferences, we asked 12 ladies of different ages and home states to reveal the part of a man they find the least attractive. While there are some obvious responses, some note turn-offs that might surprise you. Read on to get in the know and then clean up your look stat!

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1. Unibrows

“Generally, my guy is really up to speed with his manscaping, but every so often we will be having a conversation and I'll notice a hair or two in between his eyebrows just staring at me. I know it's not a big deal, but that group of hairs will bother me until he plucks them out or I ask to pluck them myself!” —Justine, TX

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2. Chicken Legs

“I was a gymnast for many years so I have pretty muscular legs. That said, it’s a pretty big turn-off when I see an otherwise good looking guy with scrawny chicken legs. If my legs are fitter than the guy’s, it’s definitely a no go.” —Dani, MI

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3. Back Hair

"I know not every guy has it, but back hair grosses me out. It's the biggest turn-off to me. To every man out there: If you have back hair, do something about it immediately!” — Laura, GA

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4. Twiggy Arms

“You don’t have to be totally jacked, but I can’t stand when guys have tiny, twig-like arms. It makes me question if they’d be able to hold themselves up over me in bed.” — Sara, VA

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5. Bad Dental Hygiene

“I'm completely turned off by guys with gross teeth. I'm not referring to things like crooked chompers or gaps, which can be cute; I'm talking about poor dental hygiene. If your mouth looks like Gollum's, stay away from me! I don't want to be kissing a guy with plaque-ridden, smoke-stained, or decaying teeth. Ew!” —Sophia, OK

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6. Smelly Feet

“I’m not sure how I did it, but I dated a guy for two years that had the worst smelling feet. Whenever he took his socks off any ounce of lust I had toward him immediately faded. Even though we’ve been broken up for over a year, his feet still haunt me.” —Mia, TN

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7. Nose Hair

“Sometimes when I’m laying with my head on my boyfriend’s chest, I’ll catch a glimpse of his nose hair. I know a lot of people have it, but the long ones that hang below the nostril really skeeve me out.” —Kaitlyn, NJ

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8. Overly Groomed Eyebrows

“I hate when guys are overly groomed. Like when a guy has eyebrows that look nicer than mine, that’s a problem for me. Not only does it look a bit too Jersey Shore for my liking, it also makes the guy seem vain, which is also a turn-off. Pluck away the unibrow but stop there.” —Naomi, FL

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9. Man Boobs

“Both giant, muscular pecs and flabby man boobs turn me off. I don’t want to be able to share a bra with my boyfriend.” —Chloe, ME

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10. A Big Gut

“A little bit of pudge is totally fine, but if a dude’s belly is noticeable even with his shirt on, it’s too big for my liking.”—Lauren, TX

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11. A Bare Chest

“I like it when guys have a bit of hair on their chest. Seeing a guy my age with smooth pecks reminds me of my high school boyfriend before he finished going through puberty. Not hot.” —Lisa, NY

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12. A Flat Butt

“When a guy has a bigger butt, you can tell he hits the gym and would probably be good in bed. When a guy is totally flat back there, it automatically makes me assume the opposite, which is a turn-off.” —Melissa, NY

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