Some might argue the emergence of text messaging was the greatest thing to happen to relationships. You blast out a quick note to say you're on your way to dinner, send a late-night (possibly drunken) love confession that won't wake her at 3a.m., and keep a conversation going throughout the day that makes you both feel connected. But along the way, we've adopted some less-than-endearing habits.

It was OK for your text etiquette to be horrendous when you had to punch a key four times to get a single letter. But now, with a full keyboard at your fingertips, there's no excuse for radio silence, one-word answers, and crappy communication—period. Read on for the messages women absolutely hate to receive, at every stage of a relationship.

“‘Send me nudes.’ Let us do that on our own.” - Chrissie S.

“One-word answers.” - Nickole R.

“‘’Sup.’ ‘What u up to.’ ‘Hey.’ Hello! Be a normal human and ask a [real] question.” - Rose W.

“‘Send nudes.’ Or, if he uses ‘your’ when it should be ‘you’re’, 'to' when it should be 'too,' or any of the wrong ‘their,’ ‘they’re,’ and ‘there.’” - Nicole G. 

“My least favorite is months after you’ve ended things, and they pop back up with a ‘Just thinking about you and wondering how you’re doing,’ or ‘I wanted to apologize for how things ended.’ Both of these things are selfish and a way for you to feel better about yourself. I've had dudes I dated show up YEARS later and it's just like, don't you have better things to do than reopen closed doors?!” - Olivia F. 

“‘Where r u.’ At 2a.m. If we're not dating and we're just getting to know each other, don't reach out in the middle of the night for a booty call.” - Erica S.

“The most annoying thing is when they answer with one word and don’t ask any questions back—digital equivalent of talking to a wall.” - Laura P.

“‘K.’ This is the fastest way to get a girl to either shutdown or blow up on you.” - Arianna D. 

“‘Relax.’” - Quinn G.

“‘LOL’ at the end of every text.” - Brianne R.

“‘Fine.’ I don’t know why but nothing sounds like you care less than this word.” - Liana M. 

“When he responds: ‘I don’t care.’ to everything—what to eat, where to go, what to do. Well, guess what? That makes me not care.” - Rose L. 

“Silence. Not saying a single thing back to a text is the MOST annoying thing a guy can do.” - Rebecca E. 

“An unsolicited d*ck pic.” - Corie D. 

“An excuse—canceling dinner or date plans because something came up, blah, blah, blah. And bad enough you're ditching me; you can't even call!?” - Lindsay M. 

“I can’t stand when guys ask for naked pics when we’re not in a relationship.” - Heather J.

“When they’re super vague. Like, ‘Yeah, we should hang out sometime.’ Ummm, hello?! Give me a date and time, please.” - Carla E.

"If there's one pause in the conversation and he goes, 'soooo....'. Am I not allowed to put my phone down for two minutes?!" - Raquel B.

“When a guy is being immature, insecure, and sends 15 text messages in what could have fit in 1. Prime example: 

What’s up?
Going to the bar tonight if you ever want to answer your phone and join.
You coming?


Grow up. If I was busy and didn't have my phone on me, then saw this, I definitely wouldn't want to hang out." - Alicia N.

“‘Pics.’ Oh, so you want nudes and I’m supposed to deduce that from your one-word caveman request. No, sir. You get none.” - Brigid A.